HitTrax and Pelotero Announce Partnership


HitTrax, a global leader in data capture and simulation of advanced baseball/softball metrics, will embed expert instruction from Pelotero directly into its widely used platform.

Northborough, MA—May 17, 2021 — InMotion Systems, creator of the HitTrax Data Capture and Simulation System, is pleased to announce a partnership with Pelotero, a new software startup focused on player development and coaching tools. InMotion Systems and Pelotero will offer a new training application within the HitTrax client program that provides professional quality, data-driven instruction to the HitTrax community.

“HitTrax is the gold standard for capturing advanced metrics and batted ball simulation. The unparalleled level of metrics that HitTrax provides seamlessly integrates with Pelotero’s data-driven model directly within the HitTrax platform,” said Bobby Tewksbary, Chief Executive Officer for Pelotero. “Data is more accessible now than ever before, but the real challenge is making that data useful. This new application will answer that challenge by delivering automated assessments and prescribing custom hitting instruction based on those results.”

Tewksbary and InMotion System’s founder Mike Donfrancesco have a long history of collaboration.  The new application is a result of this long-standing relationship and it promises to deliver the truly unique and engaging experience of built-in instruction that has yet to be realized at this level.

“Traditionally, the data generated by HitTrax is a key component in assessing performance of and assisting instruction to a player by a coach.  This partnership is the first step to provide professional instruction from within the platform,” said Donfrancesco. “We’ve worked with the individuals behind Pelotero since the early days of HitTrax and this concept has been discussed for several years now.  We are excited about what we have accomplished; the early feedback has been tremendous.  We now look forward to releasing it to the entire HitTrax community.”

The Pelotero application within HitTrax is currently in beta with an official release forthcoming.