HitTrax Releases Next Generation, Scalable Platform for Advanced Metrics in Baseball / Softball


NORTHBOROUGH, Mass., Nov. 1, 2017

Massachusetts-based InMotion Systems, LLC releases next generation HitTrax System with portable hardware and scalable software.

InMotion Systems, developer of HitTrax™ and the world leader in enhanced training and simulation in the baseball and softball industries, proudly announces availability of the next generation HitTrax Motion Capture and Simulation System. Utilizing patented technology and artificial intelligence (AI) driven computer vision (CV), the new HitTrax platform maintains the high level of accuracy and millisecond response time that has made HitTrax the standard for indoor training centers, while adding the new capability of performing in outdoor environments.

The physical size of the new platform is significantly reduced compared to its predecessor as the system utilizes a two-camera configuration to capture the incoming pitch and outgoing hit. This smaller form factor allows the system to be more portable with varying mounting options to fit every scenario. On the software side, enhancements to the tracking algorithms are used to capture metrics during outdoor practices, assessments, and events thus collecting valuable data during indoor and on-field sessions.

"Advancing our proprietary tracking algorithms and incorporating the latest in camera technology has allowed us to produce a smaller, more scalable system," says Founder, Mike Donfrancesco. "The new platform allows us to immediately expand our capabilities while setting the stage for further innovations that are currently in development. The progression is driven by our desire to move all aspects of the game forward while providing our users with the flexible tools, powerful information, and one-of-a-kind experience to enable their success."

The scalable CV algorithms will serve as the backbone for today's indoor/outdoor system while also allowing the company to scale its product offerings and release an entry-level app for mobile platforms. The app will be targeted to consumers and serve as an introduction to HitTrax metrics. Expected release for the app is in Q1 2018, available for iOS and Android devices.