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HitTrax delivers superior performance and unparalleled experience for athletes and gamers alike.

No matter the application, HitTrax is the leading data capture & simulation system in the game.

Hittrax for baseball and softball
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Experience the thrill of hitting home runs in all your favorite MLB stadiums with HitTrax. Step up to the plate and unleash your power in iconic ballparks, bringing the excitement of the big leagues to your own batting cage.

Hittrax Kiosk and Sensor

Market-Leading Technology

Utilizing patented technology & advanced computer vision, HitTrax delivers high accuracy and millisecond response time, making it the standard for training facilities.

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unmatched player engagement

The real-time immersive experience unlocks a deeper connection with instruction, and the intuitive interface allows coaches to provide more effective training.

HitTrax brings an opportunity to our academy for the students to study themselves and make their own adjustments while they are hitting. Seeing their video replay while paired with their exit velocity and launch angle is extremely important, especially these days in the game of baseball. That’s why you see all of these organizations investing millions of dollars in this technology.
Immediately, HitTrax added a competitive piece to how I trained. I LOVE THAT. When I’m away from the team, it’s so hard to get a competitive game-like feel, but HitTrax brings it.What HitTrax allows me to do is feel the pressures of a game and help me to learn how I compensate when I’m against them.
HitTrax has been an integral part of our bat reviews over the last 4 years. Whether it’s on-camera testing, or off-camera, HitTrax provides incredibly accurate data that we can trust and pass on to our viewers.
HitTrax has been a really valuable investment for our program. Not only have we seen the benefits from a development standpoint, I don’t know that our players have ever taken as many reps as they have this year. HitTrax is an irreplaceable piece of equipment for us.
After implementing HitTrax, I was able to deliver more value in my lessons, allowing me to raise my price, and grow my business to three locations. By unlocking multiple streams of new revenue through training, gaming, rentals, and recruiting, HitTrax was the missing piece I needed to propel my company to the next level.
HitTrax is the most reliable technology we use. Every day, we record thousands of swings and our players benefit from the consistent data and the ease of use. The feedback on each swing is incredible and hitters are able to make adjustments faster than they could without it. HitTrax is unmatched when it comes to trusting the data you are capturing.
Having the HitTrax technology has upped our membership, our leagues, our instructors, and our overall quality. It is extremely user friendly and only requires a quick tutorial for the kids to use it on their own.