HitTrax Partners

HitTrax has transformed the way baseball and softball are played and trained across the country. Our cutting-edge technology has made it possible for teams, trainers, universities, entertainment complexes, and retail partners to offer their athletes and customers an unmatched experience that enhances their skills and takes them to the next level.
Warstic has used HitTrax at their headquarters in Dallas, TX for bat fitting/testing and for public use.
Rawlings new HQ in St. Louis offers a retail location where visitors can experience the latest Rawlings/Easton bats in a immersive HitTrax batting cage.
HitTrax and 3MotionAI have collaborated to deliver the Biomechanics module now available on all HitTrax Pro systems.
As an official partner of Major League Baseball, only HitTrax brings you the thrill of hitting home runs in all your favorite stadiums.
HitTrax powers the immersive “Batting Bays” found at Home Run Dugout locations in Katy, TX and at Dell Diamond Stadium in Round Rock, TX.
Driveline Baseball is an organization that provides high-level training programs to individual athletes. They pride themselves on their knowledge of baseball analytics and they use HitTrax as one of their technologies they use to track data.
OGX Softball uses HitTrax in their daily training and player assessments. This developmental organization thrives on using HitTrax data to learn more about their athlete’s offensive game.
Fungoman is the manufacturer of precision pitching machines integrated in various HitTrax configurations for a turn-key batting experience.
Virtual Combine is a customizable showcase/marketing software that allows you to collect, evaluate, store, and share data to help promote your program and athletes.
Athletes Unlimited uses HitTrax to help train their fastpitch softball players. Being a pro requires intensive training and HitTrax provides the data to help their player’s improve.
EL1 Sports uses the HitTrax experience to bring the transformative power of sports to young athletes across the nation.
RISR connects and inspires fastpitch softball players of all levels through quality instruction, cutting-edge technology, and guidance from the greatest mentors in the game.
Axe Bat is a proud sponsor of HitTrax and uses the system for bat testing & fitting their pro athletes.