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Athletes can track their progress over time and review individual sessions, along with their videos, all from the convenience of their mobile device.

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HitTrax Mobile App

take YOUR training to the next level and track YOUR progress anytime, anywhere WITH THE HITTRAX APP.

Track your progress

Review trend charts, details from individual sessions, and even career stats!

video analysis

Bookmarked videos from a HitTrax kiosk are available for review

See how you stack up

Leaderboards and percentile rankings show how compare to your peers, and what it will take to level up.

MoBILE session review

Review your most recent session for free, or unlock all sessions with a paid subscription.

The HitTrax Mobile App for baseball and softball players
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Stay in tune with your training

Baseball and softball players can easily view their statistics and data by using the HitTrax mobile app. With this app, players can access their performance metrics anytime and anywhere, providing them with valuable insights to improve their game.

Hitting Dashboard

See the big picture

See your personal bests, and review details of your most recent session.

Session History

Track your hitting trends

Follow your progress and watch your hard work pay off!

Video Analysis

See your movements in action.

Your bookmarked videos are available for review, along with the corresponding data.

Metrics Visualization

Visualize Your Hitting Data

Hot Zone, Spray Charts, Point of Impact, and more help you visualize your strengths and weaknesses.

HitTrax Desktop App for Coaches
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desktop app for coaches

Admins of a HitTrax enabled organization can utilize the HitTrax Desktop App to review data from all players registered on their HitTrax system. Dive into session history, and perform video analysis away from the cage, and send instruction directly to your players.

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