The same technology revolutionizing the baseball industry is now available to retail, entertainment, and hospitality venues!

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Invite your customers to step up to the
plate and rediscover their love of The Game

Customer Engagement

HitTrax offers an unparalleled experience that will captivate your guests and keep them coming back.

revenue generation

Experiential components improve guest retention and grow ancillary revenue through food and beverage sales.

equipment Fitting

Retail locations can give customers valuable feedback on their performance as they “try before they buy.”

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Competitive Socializing

From restaurants to concourses to entertainment centers, patrons expect rich experiences and deep engagement. HitTrax delivers such an authentic experience that your guests will think they were just called up to the majors!

Entertainment Complexes


Experience America’s favorite pastime with the HitTrax Suite! The state-of-the-art HitTrax technology brings the excitement of the game directly to your venue, allowing guests to swing for the fences! 

Fan Activation


Prepare for an unforgettable experience as fans take their stance and unleash their inner slugger. With precise measurements and realistic simulations, HitTrax delivers an authentic baseball experience that will captivate both enthusiasts and casual fans. 

Bars & Restaurants


Elevate your bar or restaurant with the unmatched entertainment of HitTrax Suite. This immersive experience will be one your customers will never forget, where they can unleash their inner athlete while savoring delicious bites and refreshing beverages.



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elevate the RETAIL experience

Dick’s Sporting Goods now offers customers the opportunity to try equipment before purchasing, leveraging HitTrax technology across a variety of sports.

Visitors to The Cage can select from a range of gear, choose their preferred stadiums and fields, and receive actionable data on their performance – allowing them to make a well-informed purchase. Experiential retail adds a new way to engage clientele and leave a lasting impression of the in-store experience.

Having the HitTrax technology has upped our membership, our leagues, our instructors, and our overall quality. It is extremely user friendly and only requires a quick tutorial for the kids to use it on their own.
HitTrax has been an integral part of our bat reviews over the last 4 years. Whether it’s on-camera testing, or off-camera, HitTrax provides incredibly accurate data that we can trust and pass on to our viewers.
HitTrax brings an opportunity to our academy for the students to study themselves and make their own adjustments while they are hitting. Seeing their video replay while paired with their exit velocity and launch angle is extremely important, especially these days in the game of baseball. That’s why you see all of these organizations investing millions of dollars in this technology.
“HitTrax is a must for any data-driven organization in the baseball industry. Since implementation, Axe has tracked hundreds of thousands of swings – all documented and stored with all information required to study the performance of hitters. Without HitTrax, the development of our products would not be possible.”
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