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Baseball and softball training with HitTrax

The Power of Training with HitTrax

all in one system

Capture metrics for hitting, pitching, and catching – and even live at bats.

video analysis

Integrated high-speed video with corresponding data unlocks new insights on player movement.

player buy-in

An intuitive, relatable interface allows players to see their performance and make adjustments.

in-depth reporting

Advanced metrics and powerful analysis tools enable in-depth review of individual sessions as well as trends over time.

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Enhanced Training

HitTrax provides real-time stats and key performance metrics, along with powerful video analysis, trend reports  and more. Patented technology provides a one-of-a-kind experience that fosters player engagement and a meaningful
connection with instruction.

HitTrax Biomechanics Module


HitTrax Biomechanics leverages high-speed video & batted ball data to gain groundbreaking insights into the kinetic sequence. Powered by 3MotionAI, this technology measures angular velocities of the pelvis/shoulders/arm, stride length, center of mass & much more. No sensors or markers are needed. Compatible with all of the existing HitTrax hardware.

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training games

  • Add competitive, game-like scenarios to your practice sessions
  • Build customizable drill sets to challenge hitters to execute what the game demands
  • Modes include situational hitting, around-the-world, and skills challenges

Point of Impact

Illustrates where along the swing path the bat/ball impact is made. Review individual sessions and analyze performance over any time period to find areas that need improvement.

Launch Angle

Maximizing exit velocity at optimal launch angles is a key component to hitting. An extremely important indicator of timing, as well as a batter’s overall swing mechanics.

Video Comparison

Compare multiple videos side by side illustrating a player’s progress, or review videos of two separate players highlighting similarities/differences.

Hitting Dashboard

Receive a snapshot of a player’s performance over a six month period or compare two different sessions to see progress over time.

Session Review

A post-session summary that presents all of the details of the player’s training including metrics of every play, strike zone analysis, and video.

HitTrax brings an opportunity to our academy for the students to study themselves and make their own adjustments while they are hitting. Seeing their video replay while paired with their exit velocity and launch angle is extremely important, especially these days in the game of baseball. That’s why you see all of these organizations investing millions of dollars in this technology.
HitTrax has been a really valuable investment for our program. Not only have we seen the benefits from a development standpoint, I don’t know that our players have ever taken as many reps as they have this year. HitTrax is an irreplaceable piece of equipment for us.
The ability to compete with HitTrax is a game changer. We get information that helps us build stronger practices and competitive cage work, while also helping us understand our swings much better.
Immediately, HitTrax added a competitive piece to how I trained. I LOVE THAT. When I’m away from the team, it’s so hard to get a competitive game-like feel, but HitTrax brings it.What HitTrax allows me to do is feel the pressures of a game and help me to learn how I compensate when I’m against them.
HitTrax is the most reliable technology we use. Every day, we record thousands of swings and our players benefit from the consistent data and the ease of use. The feedback on each swing is incredible and hitters are able to make adjustments faster than they could without it. HitTrax is unmatched when it comes to trusting the data you are capturing.
“HitTrax is a must for any data-driven organization in the baseball industry. Since implementation, Axe has tracked hundreds of thousands of swings – all documented and stored with all information required to study the performance of hitters. Without HitTrax, the development of our products would not be possible.”
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