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HitTrax Pro stands at the forefront of athlete development technology with its seamless integration of computer vision-enabled ball tracking, instantaneous response time, and unmatched player engagement.

HitTrax Pro Hardware


All-in-one system

Capture metrics for hitting, pitching, and catching – even live at bats – for baseball and softball.

Instant feedback

Millisecond response time enables athletes to have a strong connection with their performance.


Integrated high-speed video with corresponding data unlocks new insights into player movement.


The HitTrax sensor can be placed to the side of the cage, or mounted overhead for a fully integrated install.

Hitting with HitTrax Pro
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HitTrax provides real-time stats and key hitting performance metrics, along with powerful video analysis, trend reports and more. Patented technology provides a one-of-a-kind experience that fosters player engagement and a meaningful connection with instruction.

A screenshot of the video capture and analysis feature in HitTrax Pro


Whether you would like to focus on a specific part of the strike zone, compare videos, or show swing evolution over time, the HitTrax VCAM
feature can reveal key aspects of an athlete’s timing and swing mechanics.

A screen shot of the biomechanics feature in HitTrax Pro


HitTrax Biomechanics leverages high-speed video & batted ball data to gain groundbreaking insights into the kinetic sequence. Powered by 3MotionAI, this technology measures angular velocities of the pelvis/shoulders/arm, stride length, center of mass & much more.

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Pitchers utilize HitTrax to measure metrics such as pitch velo, pitch location, horizontal/vertical late break, and even opposing batting average.

Matched with high-speed video capture, athletes can review their form and body movements, identifying their strengths and weaknesses before stepping onto the field.

A screenshot of the pitching analysis dashboard in HitTrax Pro


Using a tagging system for pitch type, data can be catalogued for post-session analysis, illustrating the effectiveness of various pitches. For additional insight, add a series of batters to a pitching session to truly see how your pitch arsenal stacks-up when there’s someone in the box.

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Catchers can also get in on the action by measuring their speed and accuracy, pop time, arm strength, and calculated outcome of the throw at 2nd.

High-speed video also enables in-depth review of foot placement and other nuances that greatly influence the aim and power behind the throw.


As catchers see the realtime results of their throws, adjustments can be made immediately and intuitively. This leads to positive reinforcement of body movements, leading to muscle memory. This is a difference maker when getting behind the plate and inherently knowing what throwing a bullet to second feels like.

A screenshot of the catching analysis dashboard in HitTrax Pro
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HitTrax brings an opportunity to our academy for the students to study themselves and make their own adjustments while they are hitting. Seeing their video replay while paired with their exit velocity and launch angle is extremely important, especially these days in the game of baseball. That’s why you see all of these organizations investing millions of dollars in this technology.
HitTrax has been a really valuable investment for our program. Not only have we seen the benefits from a development standpoint, I don’t know that our players have ever taken as many reps as they have this year. HitTrax is an irreplaceable piece of equipment for us.
The ability to compete with HitTrax is a game changer. We get information that helps us build stronger practices and competitive cage work, while also helping us understand our swings much better.
Immediately, HitTrax added a competitive piece to how I trained. I LOVE THAT. When I’m away from the team, it’s so hard to get a competitive game-like feel, but HitTrax brings it.What HitTrax allows me to do is feel the pressures of a game and help me to learn how I compensate when I’m against them.
HitTrax is the most reliable technology we use. Every day, we record thousands of swings and our players benefit from the consistent data and the ease of use. The feedback on each swing is incredible and hitters are able to make adjustments faster than they could without it. HitTrax is unmatched when it comes to trusting the data you are capturing.
After implementing HitTrax, I was able to deliver more value in my lessons, allowing me to raise my price, and grow my business to three locations. By unlocking multiple streams of new revenue through training, gaming, rentals, and recruiting, HitTrax was the missing piece I needed to propel my company to the next level.
“HitTrax is a must for any data-driven organization in the baseball industry. Since implementation, Axe has tracked hundreds of thousands of swings – all documented and stored with all information required to study the performance of hitters. Without HitTrax, the development of our products would not be possible.”
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