HitTrax Suite

Bring the thrill of hitting a home run to your venue.

The same technology revolutionizing the baseball industry is now available for entertainment, hospitality, & other retail locations.

turn-key, immersive batting cage EXPERIENCE
powered by the market-leading HitTrax technology

Big League Thrills

HitTrax Suite delivers an exciting experience with an integrated pitching machine and interactive home plate.

Official Ballparks of MLB®

As an Official Licensed Partner of MLB, HitTrax Suite has every major league stadium, team uniform, and city skyline.


Competitive, real-world gamification strengthens patron emotional affinity with your venue, and keeps you top-of-mind.

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Bars & Restaurants

The traditional sit-down is no more. Experiential components improve guest retention and grow ancillary revenue through food & beverage sales.

Entertainment Complexes

Entertainment Complexes

Competitive, real-world gamification strengthens emotional affinity and keeps your venue top-of-mind with patrons.

Fan Activation

Fan Activation

Elevate fan interaction and differentiate your location while providing guests with an unforgettable experience.


Get in some batting practice, go for the long ball, or battle with friends for nine whole innings with the growing selection of hittrax suite game modes.

Home Run Derby Icon


Get ready to experience the
ultimate rush of batting in
your favorite ballpark, with
real-time metrics to show
your performance!

Team Battle Icon


Every hit counts in this
exhilarating, competitive
game mode where your
power at the plate directly
translates into more points.

Point Game Icon


Like being in the Big
Leagues with a timed format
that pits you against your
friends to see who can hit
the most home runs!

Batting Practice Icon


Sac flys, double plays, walk
offs – anything’s possible
in this authentic experience
that captures the essence of
America’s favorite pastime.


STANDARD packAGE footprint:

30FT L x 15FT W X 11FT H

HitTrax Suite Cage Rendering


Step into the extraordinary world of the HitTrax Suite and prepare for an unparalleled experience that will ignite your passion for baseball and softball. Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge technology and realistic simulations that transport you to the heart of the game. 

HitTrax Sensor

Cutting-edge tech with real-time 3D measurement of ball flight data for the most realistic animation.

Projector Screen

The immersive screen transports the user into their favorite stadium for a truly one-of-a-kind, authentic experience.

DLP Projector

This DLP projector delivers a crystal-clear, high-definition video imagery with minimal maintenance required.

Pitching Machine

Integrated FungoMan® pitching machine with speed and timing controlled via kiosk and SmartPlate for user convenience.

Featherlite Balls

Prioritizing safety, Baden Featherlite balls are specified to provide a safe yet fun experience for all ages.

Smart Plate

An interactive home plate that ignites your immersive experience by pitching a ball with a simple tap of your bat!

HitTrax Kiosk L
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HitTrax Kiosk

The touchscreen kiosk enables users to independently select game modes, register players, choose stadiums, and operate games. Card swipe access and attendant controls are available for suitable venues.

Official Ballparks of MLB®

Featuring All 30 MLB Stadiums

The immersive ballparks deliver such authenticity that your guests will think they were just called up to the majors!

Authentic Uniforms

Rep your favorite teams

Does the jersey make the player, or the other way around? Choose from all 30 MLB teams and various uniform sets.

Exciting Gameplay

Swing for the fences

There’s nothing like the rush of hitting a long fly ball and watching it soar into the bleachers as you drive in the winning run!

Game Leaderboards

See how your stats stack up

As you and your friends battle it out, HitTrax Suite will keep track of individual stats, team scores, and build out a dynamic leaderboard.


Consumers are looking for and willing to pay for rich experiences and deep engagement in small and large group settings. The HitTrax Suite not only delivers to this trend but also adds revenue to your business!


growth in competitive
socializing concepts since
the beginning of 2021.

Cushman & Wakefield research


of consumers say they are
very interested in revisiting
an eatertainment experience.

F&B insights firm @Dataessential


of consumers expect more
than half of retail space will be devoted to experience rather than product by 2025.

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