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Wanna play in the big leagues?
Time to AMP-UP your practice and take more REPS!

Bring HitTrax into your home to… POWER-UP your training…COMPETE with friends in high-energy games…and aim for the LEADERBOARD in online competitions.

You are now playing with the same tools found in every MLB complex.


Advanced Training

Track metrics used by the pros like exit velo, launch angle, point of impact and even high-speed video capture.

Competitive Gaming

Just like your favorite gaming console, except you’re actually swinging the bat and leveling up your skills while competing with friends.

Flexible and portable

With only 10ft of ball flight needed for proper performance, you can turn a tight space into a training space.

HitTrax in your own home.
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Training AT HOME

Home training affords athletes the time and space to work on fundamentals, while fostering discipline, dedication, and self-motivation. Players can also focus on specific areas of improvement tailored to their individual needs.

Players LOVE to hit with HitTrax…the more reps the better, and the more prepared they will be when stepping onto the field.

A screenshot of advanced reporting features in the HitTrax Home application

insightful rEPORTS

Advanced metrics and intuitive analysis tools allow for in-depth review of individual sessions, as well as trends over time. Know your strengths and weakness before stepping onto the field.

A screen capture of the video review feature in HitTrax Home application


Seeing is believing. With the addition of a HitTrax VCAM, you can review video from any swing, pitch or throw, along with all of the relevant metrics. With automated editing, video comparison, and even illustration tools, video analysis has never been easier.

Competitive Gaming

Whether you want to simply swing away in Batting Practice, go for the long ball in Homerun Challenge, or play a whole 9-inning HitTrax Game with friends, the growing selection of game modes offers various ways to compete.

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Official Licensed Partner of Major League Baseball®

Experience the thrill of hitting home runs in all your favorite MLB stadiums with HitTrax. Step up to the plate and unleash your power in iconic ballparks, bringing the excitement of the big leagues to your own batting cage.

The HitTrax Pro System

Get HItTrax HOME

What’s Included

  • HitTrax Sensor and All-In-One Touchscreen PC
  • HitTrax Home Software w/ In-Depth Reporting Capabilities
  • Access to HitTrax Mobile App for Each Registered Player
  • All Entertainment and Gaming Modules Included
  • Connect with the HitTrax Community for Online Gaming

Starting From:


Subscription required. $49.99/mo to enable up to 4 players.
Additional players can be added for $9.99/mo each, or at no additional cost with an active HitTrax Mobile subscription.

Financing Available

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