Facility Spotlight

Facility Spotlight: Diamond Sports Academy

Explore how Diamond Sports Academy (Urbandale, Iowa) effectively utilizes HitTrax to generate revenue and enhance memberships.

Located in Urbandale, Iowa, Diamond Sports Academy was founded in 2013 and has experienced remarkable growth and success ever since. Starting from a modest 6,000 sq.ft. space with six cages, they have expanded to a spacious 17,500 sq.ft. facility with 20 cages. Not only has their physical space grown, but their memberships have also seen a significant increase.

Diamond Sports Academy became a HitTrax customer in 2015, initially purchasing a single unit. Recognizing the immense value of HitTrax in providing batted ball data, they quickly acquired six more units to meet the high demand from athletes. Currently, their memberships are divided into individual and family plans, priced between $79 and $99 per month. Notably, approximately 80% of their members have a HitTrax membership, allowing them access to our cutting-edge technology. 


Diamond Sports Academy organizes two HitTrax leagues annually, spanning 14 weekends from Friday to Sunday. These leagues cater to over 800 players, featuring both baseball and softball divisions with 200-plus teams. Participants range from young players seeking fun and improvement to Division I commits striving for optimal training outcomes.

The owner, Chad Barnes emphasizes the competitive nature of these leagues, fostering not only team rivalries but also individual competitions for the highest exit velocity and distance. On league weekends, the facility attracts over 1,000 visitors. Families of participating children can enjoy watching games from the cages or multiple TVs placed throughout the facility. Additionally, the leagues are streamed live on Facebook and Instagram, enhancing their online presence and increasing awareness of their offerings.

The leagues boast an impressive retention rate of over 90% and consistently show year-over-year growth.


In 2021, Diamond Sports Academy generated $80,410 in revenue solely from HitTrax league play, with 731 participants. Each player paid $110, and the competition spanned seven weeks, concluding with a championship week.

The facility’s revenue from HitTrax leagues in 2022 totaled $178,420. With two leagues held during the fall and winter, they attracted 1,622 participants. Similar to the previous year, each player contributed $110, and the competition extended over 12 weeks, featuring two championship weeks.

This year, for just the winter league, Diamond Sports Academy earned around $92,620. This league involves 842 participants, each paying $110, and encompasses five weeks of competition, followed by a playoff weekend.

“Having the HitTrax technology has upped our membership, our leagues, our instructors, and our overall quality. It is extremely user friendly and only requires a quick tutorial for the kids to use it on their own.”

-Chad Barnes, Owner

HitTrax Leagues & Tournaments can add a new level of engagement and competitiveness to your facility. If you’d like more information on how to organize your own leagues/tournaments, check out our video!

As we approach the 2023 offseason, we are so excited to see how each facility will be utilizing their HitTrax!