Get in the Game with the HitTrax Suite Game Modes

A Rawlings customer hitting in the new HitTrax Suite.
The kiosk and game mode screen for the HitTrax Suite.

Start at the kiosk and dive into the four gaming modules you can choose from!

  • Batting Practice
  • Point Game
  • Homerun Challenge
  • Team Battle

Batting Practice

Experience the thrill of hitting in your favorite MLB stadium with the classic batting practice mode. Track your swing speed and distance and try to get as many hits and runs possible!

A screenshot of the batting practice mode.

Point Game

Select the amount of innings and number of pitches for each round & rack up as many points as possible! The harder and further you hit the ball, the more points you get!

A screenshot of the Point Game mode.
A screenshot of the homerun challenge mode.

Homerun Challenge

Swing for the fences with the Homerun Challenge module! Hit as many dingers as possible within a certain amount of time to win the game!

Team Battle

Compete head-to-head with another team and play a classic 3 to 6 inning game! Whoever scores the most runs wins! You even get to choose your own uniforms with this one!

After you have selected your game mode, choose your favorite MLB, college baseball or softball stadium to play in!

A screenshot of the stadium picker.

Now you are all set up and ready to go, tap on the plate to get started and swing away!

If you are interested in learning more about the HitTrax Suite, click here.