Excelling with HitTrax Training Games

A screenshot of the training games available in HitTrax.

Situational Hitting

Our Situational Hitting module is a great way to prepare your athletes in the cages with realistic game scenarios. Create custom drill sets such as “two outs, winning run on third” or “down by one, bottom of the ninth, person on first, no outs”. In the first situation, you want the player to score the runner on third to win the game. In the second scenario, you want this hitter to move the runner over to second successfully.

A screenshot of the custom situation page in the situational hitting module.

The more successful the player is on each drill set, the higher clutch percentage they will have. The clutch percentage can be broken down by the current number of points the athlete has divided by the total number of points they could have if they got a perfect score on each drill.

HitTrax will keep track of the players’ scores and coaches’ drills for the next time you would like to use the module again. You can also see the points breakdown when you are creating drill sets. For instance, a base hit that scores a run is 5 points, a sacrifice fly is 4 points, etc. This training game is made for one or more players and allows athletes of different skill levels to play against each other by scaling the field accordingly.

A screenshot of the situational hitting module.

If you look at the “scorecard” after the game is finished, you can see each player’s overall stats and stats depending on the situation. 

A screenshot of the situational hitting scorecard.

Skills Challenge

The Skills Challenge tests out players’ skills Coaches can input objectives for the players such as “hit line drive to pull side” or “hit the ball between 10 degrees and 15 degrees launch angle”. They can also decide how many pitches a player can get to achieve the objective.

A screenshot of how to set up the skill challenges training game.

The field location will be highlighted so the player knows which direction to hit. Scoring will be either “success” or “fail” depending on if the player achieves the objective or not. There may be certain times in a game where a player needs to hit the ball on the ground or elevated to get someone home. Practicing these skills inside the cage only helps the athletes prepare for in-game situations.

A screenshot of the skills challenge module.

Around the World

In the Around the World training game, each consecutive hit must land further to pull side  than the last. The section of the field that is highlighted in pink is where you should not hit the ball, everywhere else is fair game. Points will be rewarded based on the success of the hit.

Around the World Screenshot

If you would like to learn more about our training games, see the instructional video here.